[email #1] 1 in 3 Women Suffer From Hormone Imbalance

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt exhausted?

I have.

Even if I went to bed early and slept all night… I would still wake up absolutely shattered.

It was pretty strange and to be honest I didn’t really know what to do about it until a good friend of mine introduced me to Ange.

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Ange is in her late thirties, has 3 kids and she made it her job to find out why we feel so exhausted.

Her story starts just a few years ago, when her health and her life was spiralling downwards out of control. She was plagued by weight gain, persistent low mood, and insomnia.

Doctors couldn’t explain it. She couldn’t explain it. Until she found out that the problem was her hormones.

Since then, she has seen so many women suffering unnecessarily just like she did.

Why? Because hormone imbalance is frequently overlooked as a primary cause of debilitating symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, slowed metabolism, and low mood.

And even when it is identified, it is rarely treated effectively.

Ange decided it was time for this to change.

To read more about Ange’s story and more about the program she created visit:

==> https://powerofhormones.com

Now I did a bit of reading about the topic of hormone imbalance and did you know that up to 1 in 3 women suffer from hormone imbalance?

Some of the common symptoms are fatigue, low mood, hair loss, weight gain and low libido…

In fact, hormone imbalance is frequently overlooked as a possible cause of depression.

I think women deserve better, don’t you?

==> Could it be your hormones?